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Teen Introvert Connections

When you think of teen introverts...what comes to your mind?

Anti-social, too quiet, boring, a home-body, lazy, depressed,

anxious, maybe weird?

Well I have news for you! It is absolutely the opposite. I have

met some of the most talented, funny, incredibly smart introverts

ever.... and they are just dying to share so much of themselves

with someone.....just don't know where or how to without becoming


One of the saddest online discoveries I've found is that introvert

adults spent their teen years very alone, frustrated and unsupported

because there was nothing set up for them. It was, and still is

assumed that introverts should just consider blending in like

everyone else and that eventually things will fix themselves.

That is sadly so far from the truth. Introverts are so misunderstood.

Sure there are tons of communities and groups for introverts,

but unfortunately, it is for adults. Most members are looking for

serious adulting situations. Totally not appropriate for

tweens and teens that are not there yet. There is a huge gap

and no one is talking about it.

Introvert teens socialize and are active....just differently. They have

just as much energy and desire to explore and discover as the average

social butterfly teen, but just not in huge groups or crowded and busy

settings. They enjoy small company - value one on one talks about

many topics - or explorations and discoveries, trips and more.

So where are the online communities for these teens? The social

online gatherings and mini meet up events? Night after night there

are lonely teens and tweens surfing the internet hoping to find someone

that would love to play online games or chat with someone within

their age range with like minds and interests.

Life Avenue Coaching recognizes this and plans to launch

a special meet and greet group for introvert teens. No tween or teen

introvert should be left behind or isolated from the rest of the world.

Please be sure to subscribe to our page so that you can sign up

your amazing tween/teen introvert for our meet and greet groups & programs.

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