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A network of experienced professionals ready to coach you into your best potential, life, and happiness.  Results is our goal.

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For Kids Coaching  Book Free Consult
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Welcome!  You are probably here because there is something in your personal or professional life that needs attention. You are most likely seeking clarity, focus, motivation, answers, or maybe you are at the point of making a critical decision.  You may have tried to fix it yourself, maybe asked friends, family, co-workers and or significant other for help, but nothing has worked.  At this point you realize that you do not need therapy, nor consultants- but you need someone to talk to - this is where Life Avenue Coaching meets you. We provide a non-judgemental safe space for our clients to share, plan, and work on their next phase to change, productivity, and success in whatever they are seeking to improve.  Life Avenue Coaching provides services for Adults, Teens and children. Please click on the appropriate tabs and book your free consultation. 


Life Coaching Specializations:

  • Clarity and balance between life & work

  • Clarity in your ideal career-job-education-hobby 

  • Learn how to process transitions-changes 

  • Become more assertive & confident 

  • Improve mindfulness & self-care

  • Improve time management skills

  • Improve your communication skills

  • Review life goals, plans, retirement

  • Partner with a life coach for accountability

  • Post Therapy - how to start anew, create new goals, create a plan with a life coach

  • Complement Therapy with Life Coaching (certain cases)